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Get a healthy, whiter smile at Charleston Family Dentistry! For a limited time, we're offering FREE teeth whitening kits to our new patients. Offer valid to uninsured patients only.

Has your soda, tea, coffee, or smoking habit dimmed your pearly whites? Charleston Family Dentistry is here to help!

We offer the very best professional teeth whitening near Charleston because our treatments are designed with convenience in mind. Our doctors offer take-home dental whitening treatments so that you can upgrade your smile while you sleep, work from home, or even make dinner!

During your consultation, our doctors will get to know your goals and medical history to help determine the best formulation for you.

We provide the following teeth whitening treatments at our local Charleston dentist office:

OpalescenceĀ® Take-Home Dental Whitening

teeth whitening patientFor dazzling whitening results without the side effects of the over-the-counter options, choose our take-home dental whitening option, Venus White Pro. Venus White Pro is a mint-flavored professional whitening gel designed for convenient, at-home use.

Known as one of the most effective systems on the market today, Venus White Pro has been proven to whiten teeth up to 8.4 shades. Additionally, it contains the same potassium nitrate ingredient, designed to prevent sensitivity following the teeth bleaching. With Venus White Pro, you can perform simple touch-ups every 6-12 months to keep your smile bright long into the future.

PattersonĀ® Take-Home Dental Whitening

Patterson Tooth Whitening Gel is a mint-flavored dental whitening treatment trusted by dentists the world over. Like Opalescence, Patterson is designed for convenient, at-home use, giving patients gradual and natural-looking results, without the added sensitivity.

Patterson comes in three different carbamide peroxide formulations - 16%, 22%, and 35%. During your teeth whitening consultation, our doctors will partner with you so that all of your whitening goals are met!

Get A Brighter, Whiter Smile At Charleston Family Dentistry

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