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We proudly offer the very best comfort dentistry near Charleston because our doctors are committed to learning about your needs. Every patient is unique, which is why our team will always take both your medical and dental histories into account when building your custom treatment plan.

Laughing Gas

patient asleep from laughing gasLaughing gas is a very common, light sedation method that has been used in the dentistry field for centuries. It is so widely utilized because it offers few side effects and is perfect for patients of all ages, including very young children.

At Charleston Family Dentistry, we treat patients with mild to moderate dental anxiety with laughing gas dispensed through a comfortable nasal hood. The medicine will flow for the duration of the procedure and can be easily adjusted throughout based on your needs. Once everything is complete, you should be feeling completely back to normal within minutes!

If you or your child need it, we can add laughing gas to any of our dental services, from simple dental cleanings to gentle root canal therapy.

Relaxing Care At Charleston Family Dentistry!

Get the oral care you need in the relaxing environment you deserve! Call us today to learn more about our comfort dentistry services.

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