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Fillings Help You Control Cavities

Cavities are typically the result of harmful bacteria that produce sticky plaque. The acid in that plaque eats away at the protective enamel of your teeth. You’ll want to have those cavities fixed as quickly as possible to avoid deeper, more painful damage. The best solution is likely to be dental fillings. Visit with us to discuss the options available to you. Many patients prefer a composite or ceramic filling with the strength of porcelain that closely matches the color of their existing teeth. If you require extensive work, we might provide a temporary fix until a permanent solution is appropriate.

Restoring Smiles With Dental Crowns

Several things can weaken your teeth, including large or old fillings, tooth decay and injuries. Dental crowns are part of the restorative dentistry services provided at Charleston Family Dentistry. We use these caps to replace damaged or large aging fillings, to counteract the effects of tooth damage, to resolve stains and to strengthen the rest of your teeth. When you are looking for a permanent solution to tooth damage, we can help you decide if a crown is appropriate.

A Wide Range of Restorative Services

We offer other restorative services for the improvement of your oral health. Those services may include cures for and prevention of bad breaths, cosmetic bleaching and whitening, and the prevention of nighttime grinding. Together we’ll discuss the goals you have for improving your oral health and the solutions that could be most effective in helping you achieve those goals. We can also talk to you about the use of anti-snoring devices.

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At Charleston Family Dentistry, we understand that thorough dental care involves a variety of restorative and corrective services. We offer you temporary fixes and permanent solutions to improve your smile and protect your overall health.
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